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225 Years in Hell


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Florian Homm

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Beschreibung For 53 years and 153 days Florian Homm was a free man. Now the FBI wants to imprison him and lock him away for nine life sentences or 225 years in prison. For decades Florian Homm, the 6.7 ft. giant was one of Europes most prominent and aggressive raiders, short sellers, investment bankers and hedge fund managers. Hunted by Interpol and Italy's elite crime squad on the FBI's instructions, Homm is arrested in front of his family in the world famous Uffizi Art galleries in Florence, Italy. The showdown has begun. He is taken to Florence's 'Sollicciano' prison, one of the worst, most violent and most overcrowded prisons in Europe. The American Justice Department and the Swiss prosecutors are the spin doctors in this real world drama. The FBI wants to arraign and convict him for security fraud and price manipulation charges. If found guilty, he will surely die in an American maximum-security prison. Homm's reputation in business is tough.

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